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Hutbagging: Paske and Begley Huts etc. Jan 1-3 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019

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Hutbagging. Paske Hut, Begley Hut etc Jan 2019
What better way to start 2019 than to do a bit of hutbagging! No late night partying to bring in the New Year for this intrepid group as we were heading away from Charlies place early on Jan 1st (“we” being Charlie Ledbrook, Tom Cholmondeley, Brent Smith and Paul Knox.) The main objectives were the Paske Hut and Begley Hut, up the headwaters of the Rainbow River, “bagging” any other huts we encountered along the way.

After a long, dusty drive up the Rainbow Road, during which we “bagged” a few huts, we parked beneath the pylons beside the Rainbow River and headed off upstream, on what was proving to be a very hot day.
We “bagged” a station hut along the way (Rainbow Hut), just before where the road climbs up and around a small gorge. Stunning views, before dropping down to the flats for the long plod to an empty Paske Hut. This route is a lot easier than the previous occasion I have been to the hut which was from L Tennyson and back over Turk Ridge.

Day two saw us retracing our steps and heading up across to and up Begley Stream to Begley Hut. There is a nice terrace track on the TL but we stuck to the creek-until one pool we went through just about caused Tom to “up periscope!”. Common-sense prevailed and we gained the terrace track for an easy walk to the empty Begley Hut. Nice, roomy hut, with lots of sandflies! We filled in the short day by taking a wander up the valley to a nice 30m waterfall in the afternoon before a relaxing wash and rest.

Day three was fine-again-and we headed back down Begley Stream (this time following the terrace track) and then down the  Rainbow River back to the car, rather than going up and over to Connors Ck hut. Probably about the same time but much gruntier!
So, a very nice tramp that isn’t hard and well worth doing. The huts don’t seem to get a lot of use and we appeared to be the first OFTC members in the Begley hut.

Charlie’s total of huts continues to climb into the high 400’s, with Brent and Paul, in the 200’s, a long way back!
So pleasant weather, pleasant company, great country and several huts added-what more could you ask for? Another trip already planned for the next week!

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Paul Knox

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