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Black Hill Hut tramp

Sunday, 1 March 2020

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Black Hill Hut tramp, 23 – 24 February 2020

We had arranged for a key so that Peter could drive us for the first 9.3 km of the tramp which is across farmland. A bit of confusion reigned as we tried to drive along the wrong farm track and so could not unlock the gate. We finally found that you use the gate next to where the walking track starts. You are given a code to unlock the key locker in the letterbox at the gate of the first farmhouse for a cost of $25.

After that it was plain sailing. 2 ½ hours up the direct ridge to the hut, have a brew then onto the top of Black Hill where we spent over an hour transfixed by the view. Geoff then went on alone looking for deer. He returned to the hut on a real high having stalked to within ten metres of a deer and having sighted several others further away.

In the morning we heard a loud helicopter – it landed in the hut clearing and dropped off supplies for the hunters who remained in the helicopter as they were being transported further along the ridge.

As we did not have to tramp across the farm land we descended via Foster’s Ridge and then the lower part of the Wharfedale Track. This took about 3 ½ hours compared to 1 ½ hours down the direct, steeper ridge.

The photo shows Peter and Geoff on top of Black Hill

Trampers: Geoff Mahan, Peter Moody, Gerald Edmunds

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