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Website Trip Cancellation Procedures

Monday, 17 September 2012

OFTC Website Day Tramp Cancellation Process via the website (Aug 2012)

•    A cancellation message must be entered into the website at least 1.5 hours, preferably more, prior to the advertised start time.
•    If the forecast is pessimistic the day before, it is useful to put a notice on the cancellation page the day before the tramp, advising people that the tramp may be cancelled, and, if practicable, indicate an alternative tramp.
•    Cancellation notices appear on the HOME page of the OFTC website (
To Cancel a tramp.
•    Open the website ( then login in the normal manner to access the “Members” section.
•    Select “Members” at the top of the homepage, and then select “Cancellations” from the list. This will bring up the “Cancellation Notices” page.
•    Type in your message.e.g. “Tramp to Timbuktu has been cancelled an alternative trip to Mongolia will leave from ….. Fred Bloggs” (If there is already a message already there, put the cursor into an empty space underneath it, left click, and then type your message.)
•    Left click on “Save Changes” (very important), and wait until the page closes. Check that your message appears in “Cancellation Notices” on the Homepage-and is correct.
•    Your message will disappear 72 hours after you have put it on. (You can remove it before then if you wish.)

NB. The Committee has decided that, if a tramp is cancelled in accordance with the above process, then the Leader of that tramp does not have to go to the advertised departure point.

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