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How to use the Tramp Map Database

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


How to use the Tramp Map Database  June 6th  2018


The Tramp Map Database (TMD) is the only place all the information regarding club tramps is stored. It has maps, GPS files, description, contacts as well as all the information required for the newsletter notifications. It is available to club members, once they have logged on to the club website.

As well as tramps, it also lists some backpacking trips and cycling trips and it is administered by a small team called “Mapteam” which has a collective email address of headed by the Club Captain.

The easiest way to understand it is to try using it-don’t worry, you can’t do it any harm as only the Mapteam have editing ability! So here is the process.

1/ Logon to the club website and click on  “MEMBERS” on the menu bar at the top.

2/ Select “Tramp Map Database” from the menu items and the TMD will open.

Note that the tramps are filed with:-

(a)    Tramp name (i.e. the general used name for the tramp)

(b)   Grade

(c)    Club Reference (as below), determined by a general geographic location or type.

(BP=Banks Peninsula, PH= Port Hills, N=North, NW= Northwest, SW=Southwest, V=Veterans, ZZ=Overnighters and ZZC=Cycling)

3/ All the tramps are listed alphabetically as can be seen (currently there are nine pages of them) although this listing order can be changed, which will be covered later.

4/ Easiest way to learn how to use the database is to open a tramp.

(a)    Using “Ahuriri Farm past Tai Tapu” on the first page, you will see that, in the Grade column, it’s a G2, and, under Club Reference it has been assigned a club reference of BP72.

(b)   Now for the good stuff! Left click “MORE” at the end of the line for this tramp and a whole lot more information becomes available.

(c)    On the page now displayed for this tramp, there is a lot of self-explanatory information.

(d)   On the line “Map File” you can select “View Map” and you will get a topo map of the tramp area, generally with a route and NZTM grid coordinates on it. You can print this/download it in the normal manner.

(e)   On the next list line, “GPX File” you can select “Download GPX file” or “View Interactive Map” which brings up Google Earth with the track on it. (We are working to complete the GPX routes for all of the tramps.)

(f)     The travel cost is based on the return distance (entered by the Mapteam) and the current club rate, as determined by the Committee. When that rate changes, we change it off line and all tramps are then updated.

(g)    The rest of the page is self-explanatory with the contact/s required to get permission for the trip at the bottom of the page.

(h)   You will see that some of the descriptions are somewhat sparse. If you have an update or a correction or additional information, email it to . And, if you have a new tramp, email us as much of the information possible so we can enter it into the database.


More useful stuff.

As with any database, it’s relatively easy to build in more functionality, and certainly ours is no exception. The following procedures will appeal to Tramp Planners and people who are comfortable with using computers. It is NOT necessary to understand or use the procedures in order to use the Tramp Map Database.

Search Function.

A new addition to the TMD is a search function. When you initially open the TMD, a data input box, followed by “Search Map Database” appears at the top of the page.

To commence a search, put your cursor in the search box, L click, and enter your search. When using the search function, the best advice is to keep the search simple. Eg. If looking for tramps involving Mt Hamilton, it’s sufficient to enter “Hamilton” and then select from the results.

Or you could enter the Club Reference. Eg. Pudding Hill Stream trip has a club reference of SW03. Entering SW03 in the search will bring up that trip. NB It’s important to enter the full club tramp reference as per the database, and not to miss any figures out.

Sorting Functions

By default, the TMD lists tramps alphabetically, and to get to a particular trip, it’s necessary to work your way through the pages, as at the bottom. However, you can list the tramps by Grade or geographic area (as per club references) which can be very useful.

To sort tramps by Grade, L click on “Grade” in the menu bar. Note that tramps will list alphabetically within the grades. To go back to a full alphabetical listing, L click on “Name” in the menu bar.

To sort tramps by Reference, L click on “Reference” in the menu bar. Select pages as required. To return to alphabetical listing, L click on “Name” in the menu bar, as above.

How to send information about new tramps for the TMD

(We’re working on a form for this, but in the meantime, below is listed what we’d like.)

Email the following information to

·         Name of the tramp (the mapteam can sort this out if unsure)

·         A GPS track (very desirable but not essential)

·         A map (either a PDF, or scanned with a route drawn on.)

·         Grade (if unsure, the webteam will sort this.)

·         Tramp time

·         Departure point and departure time (eg PMH, Yaldhurst, Belfast etc)

·         Travel distance if known, in kms.

·         Tramp description including any useful information such as comments on the route.

·         Contact details, if permission to access land is required.

Give it a go!

The only way to get used to a computer program is to use it so have a play with all the functions. You can’t do any damage!

If you have any queries or would like a little assistance, please contact any of the Mapteam members-                    Paul Knox, Ian Fussell, Mark Taylor or Stu McHugh for assistance.









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