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OFTC Privacy Policy

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

                        PRIVACY POLICY

The OFTC collects, holds and uses personal information to comply with the Privacy Act 2020.

1 The OFTC collects information provided by applicants when applying for membership.

2 The OFTC collects personal information to facilitate participation in club activities and facilitate administration of the club, and does not pass this on to any other individual or organisation without express permission from the member.

3 The information collected is stored on the club’s database and the club ensures there are reasonable security safeguards in place to protect data from any online access from third parties.

4 Data is controlled by the Membership/Privacy Officer. Members should contact this person if they have concerns about the OFTC’s use of personal information.

5 Data collected and purpose:
Name – compulsory – for member identification 
Address – compulsory – for posting information related to club membership and business; for safety reasons if a person is incapacitated on a tramp; for identifying members in geographical proximity for member support if the need arises 
Phone – compulsory – for club administration and inter-member contact 
Email Address – compulsory – for club administration and inter-member contact 
Date of Birth – optional – for use by selected club officers for analysis of the club demographics 
Health issues – optional, not stored – for Committee to assess safety of members

6 A membership list (including name, address and contact details) is published each month in the ‘Members Only’ section of the OFTC website.
A hardcopy Membership List (including name, address and contact details) is published once a year and distributed to members.
New members’ name, address and contact details appear in the newsletter following joining.
At application stage, members sign if they consent to being included in these publications.
7 The OFTC does not require photographs of members for its records. Participation in club activities is usually in public spaces and may result in members being photographed. These may appear in the newsletter, on the OFTC Facebook page or on the website. Participants in club activities are required to advise the tramp leader/activity organiser, on a per activity basis, if they do not consent to their name or image appearing in publications.

8 Members have the right to request what personal data is held on their database record. Members should inform the Membership/Privacy Officer of changes to keep records accurate.

9 Personal information is not kept for longer than necessary for the purpose it was collected for.

10 Payment of the annual membership subscription signals acceptance of the Privacy Policy and shows a member is willing to have the club hold these records and that as members, they will not use or pass to any third party any list published on the website or in any club publication for any form of personal or commercial gain, or use the data for any enterprise or activity that falls outside the scope.

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