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Edwards Hut - Tarn Col Trip 14 - 16th Feb 2021

Sunday, 21 February 2021

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Tramp to Edwards Hut, February 2021

The aim of this tramp was to climb up to Tarn Col – which two of the group did achieve!

Sunday was a pleasant, warm day which made the five hour tramp up the Edwards River very pleasant. The rivers were low and the ground dry.

Edwards Hut is in a stunning location. To the north is of Falling Mountain, so named as it was near the epicentre of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in March 1929. Williams Saddle, the destination for some of the club’s earlier qualification tramps, is just to the east of the hut.

Beneath Falling Mountain is Taruahuna Pass which is just a huge pile of rubble that came off Falling Mountain during the earthquake. It is several hundred metres high and just under a kilometre wide. Some boulders are as large as houses.

The side trip to Taruahuna Pass on Monday took place on another stunning day. The aim was to climb Tarn Col above the pass but Gerald and Russell preferred to watch from the pass, Ian went half way and Howard and Kaye made a successful and challenging ascent. After we returned to the hut Kaye went for a wander and found two Whio (Blue Ducks) in the river above the hut.

It was drizzling lightly on Tuesday morning but it stopped after we had been tramping for an hour and we reached the vehicle at Greyney’s Flat in 4 ½ hours.

The usual coffee stop in Springfield brought a really enjoyable tramp to a close. The success of such tramps shows how important the social side of tramping is!

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Trampers: Howard Anderson, Gerald Edmunds, Ian Fussell, Russell Hignett, Kaye Young.

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