14/09/2021      OFTC Privacy Policy

                        PRIVACY POLICY

The OFTC collects, holds and uses personal information to comply with the Privacy Act 2020.

1 The OFTC collects information provided by applicants when applying for membership.

2 The OFTC collects personal information to facilitate participation in club activities and facilitate read more »


How to use the Tramp Map Database  June 6th  2018


The Tramp Map Database (TMD) is the only place all the information regarding club tramps is stored. It has maps, read more »

Following input from various members, the Committee have decided to make the departure point Ashgrove Reserve (in Ashgrove Tce, just over the bridge to Ferniehurst street, off Cashmere road) or in its immediate vicinity. This is to take effect from the start of May, for all tramps leaving from that read more »

OFTC Website Day Tramp Cancellation Process via the website (Aug 2012)

•    A cancellation message must be entered into the website at least 1.5 hours, preferably more, prior to the advertised start time.
•    If the forecast is pessimistic the day before, it is useful to put a notice on the cancellation page the
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